The post 9-11 congress was more than happy to exploit the attacks on America to pass legislation such as the patriot act quickly and without question but it has taken them over 9 years to pass a bill giving financial aid to first responders who got sick from the toxic smoke and debris of the fallen towers and now what congressman Cliff Sterns (R-FL) has done is nothing short of a slap in the face, or better yet a kick to the balls of the first responders.

Durring the reading of the bill congressman Cliff Sterns (R-FL), proposed an amendment making it mandatory for health and human service to check all responders submitting a claim against the FBI terrorist watch list before they can revive money.

The bill provides aid to the men and women who at the scene of the terrorist attacks on 9-11. Many of the first responders have subsequently suffered from medical conditions related to the toxic dust and chemicals in the air while they were working.
Thanks to a Republican provision inserted in the bill 9-11 first responders now have to be checked to make sure they are not on the terrorist watch list before they receive aid from the federal government. The provision was inserted with the consent of Democrats in an apparent effort to push through the bill quickly.
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Anyone have any thoughts on this?

I am planning on sending him a letter politely telling him how much of a dick he is.