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Thread: Teach non gun owners about guns

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    Teach non gun owners about guns

    We need to get non gun owners on our side, all they get is the negative press and lies they hear and read. Last week I was speaking to someone about sb234 and she was very much against oc. I explained our position and what oc would accomplish, she then told me she never heard about it this way she believed the wild west lie. I explaned our position with facts and history. I invited her to the range to teach her about firearms and to shoot, she now wants to go. Mind you, she has never held a gun before and is terrified of all the bs lies she hears and reads. I think we can promote our efforts better if we can make a friend out of someone who is opposed to guns. There are alot of people that are misinformed and are looking to have someone take them by the hand and show them. I think if we do more of this these___hole politicians will listen to the will of the people and not these lobbyists..........just my 2 cents!

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    Been doing that. Got two ladies who'd never held a gun before out on the range, and they now both have positive views of guns, ownership, and carry, though neither is motivated to get a CWL, they would not oppose our present measures. One of them started out afraid of guns but curious.
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