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Thread: Question about OC and Concealed Carry

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    Question about OC and Concealed Carry

    If you have your Concealed Permit can you open Carry while concealed carry? Can you be OC'ing while having another pistol or two in your pocket or in a holster under your jacket? I live in South Dakota

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    I took a quick look at the SD statutes and did not see anything that would preclude you from carrying open and another concealed (except in a courthouse) as long as you had a permit to carry concealed.

    In WA if you have a concealed permit you can carry open, or concealed, and loaded in a vehicle.

    Without a permit you cannot carry loaded or concealed in a vehicle, SD looks similar.

    Basically I look at our WA CPL as a permit to carry loaded in a Vehicle, as well as a permit to carry concealed. Looks like SD sees things the same way.
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