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Thread: Barsony Holsters (Made in the USA)

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    Barsony Holsters (Made in the USA)

    I posted in a thread on the Kentucky forums that I end up getting a Barsony Holster for my little KT P3at and I love it! Nice looking holster, hand crafted and pistol fits like a glove after a few days in the holster to break in. Anyhow they make a lot of holster for all different size pistols and I think some of them are really beautiful making them great for open carry... Best of all they are very affordable compare to other leather holsters on the market!

    Heres the link to both their website and their ebay store. I actually saved $4 by going through ebay due to free shipping.

    Also would just like to point out that Barsony is a family own, AMERICAN company. Thats right, on the side of my holster it says hand crafted in Beaverton Oregon. Not Spain like my Black Hawk holster...
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