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Thread: The Wall

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    The Wall

    A little mental-image illustration for those on who might need a sort of "visual" explanation of things.. :

    You find yourself,along with others like you, surrounded by a circular wall.
    On the other side of this wall,which has stood here,unmoving, for decades, lies your freedom,your rights.
    This wall has been constructed so thick, you cannot seem to penetrate it.So high you cannot scale it.So deep you cannot tunnel your way beneath it.
    But you have to get THROUGH it,somehow.
    So,you take a deep breath, get a good running start,and run face-first into the wall.
    You shake your bloody,scraped-up head,try to shrug off the pain,and look at the wall where you smashed into it. Apart from your blood,and a few bits of skin,you see no visible effect.
    So you try run run BAM! a little harder this time..
    Once more,you try to shrug off the pain,whipe away some of the blood, and try to fight the dizzyness you now have from both the blood-loss,and the impact to your melon..
    Same results: none.

    So you look around at the others,"hey, maybe if we all join in on this -we can force our way through".It takes some effort to convince some of them,but they ulitimately join in.
    All together,now, the whole lot of you run face-first into the wall..
    Apart from a lot more blood, and perhaps some chipped paint on the wall,same result:none.

    Crap! If only we had some kind of tool to make this a bit easier?
    You all look around at the things around you. Ah-a HAMMER! (Senate)
    So you take the hammer and bash away at the wall..the result: a few dings,but still there,still intact.
    Crap! Ah look! A screw-driver. (House). You strike the wall with it,same result-none.
    What if we combine the two?
    So you take the hammer in one hand, the screw-driver in the other, and try to chisel the wall.You get some scrapes,and chips.But in the end, the hammer breaks, and the screw-driver bends.
    Result? None.
    So, you sit down and rest a moment, and look around you.At the resources available to you. Hmm.. no single tool here,that can help us out...but... lots of natural resources..(the people) perhaps we can figure out a way to pull all these together to create some kind of tool that WILL get us through?
    The result?

    Well, we dont know that yet,do we?
    Do we:
    A) try it out?
    B) go back to bashing our heads into the wall?
    C) try to make our broken tools work again?
    D) sit down,give up, and wait to just die, like the Architect who built the wall to begin with intended?
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