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Thread: quick draw vs 45acp(graphic)

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    Exclamation Quick draw vs 45acp (Graphic)

    Just found this while doing some ballistic research on the 45acp.
    could this have been a fmj or hp?
    this is why I carry condition 2..
    This is also why i dont put my finger on my Usp's trigger untill ready
    to fire..

    stay safe. check six.
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    I saw these pictures several years ago and the story then was that somebody was resting the muzzle of his shotgun on the toe of his boot. I think I see some powder burns on the boot around the hole, so that lends a bit more credence to the story as I heard it.

    Still, anything you see on the internet needs to be taken with a whole salt lick...

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    good point. however i believe a shotgun would have done much more damage, kinda looks like a 9mm wound. maybe a JHP .40 or a ball .45

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