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Thread: Unarmed shipping gets attacked.

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    Unarmed shipping gets attacked.

    Well, the shipping industry is getting smarter

    After do not shoot back over and over again. Someone concedes ==> "Nonetheless, no vessel carrying armed guards has yet been pirated"

    Do you love it.

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    I noticed an interesting thing in the article. They said many trawlers and shippers are carrying machineguns to sea and dumping them in the sea before returning to port. It seems that someone knows the law well and is buying machineguns for export, one of the few ways to buy a post ban machinegun and writing off the cost, which would be negligable I guess for a large vessel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daylen View Post
    . . . writing off the cost, which would be negligable I guess for a large vessel.
    Value of vessel and payload: $500m.

    Cost of protective weaponry: $100k.

    Look on pirate's face as you pop caps in his a**, at the rate of 500 rounds/minute: priceless.
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    even that 100k for defensive weaponry is a extremely high estimate. to keep some raggedy pirates from boarding all it would take is a few rifles... now i might TELL the captain i need a hundred Gs and buy something really nice
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