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Thread: Philadelphia Open Carry march

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    Philadelphia Open Carry march

    Details here..

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    Political OC March in Philly to Protest PPD abuses Mark for example

    This is the route. Come carrying nothing or everything, so long as you're legal it is no ones business.,0.013078&z=17



    11:00 Meet at Fox and Hound

    11:30 Open carry Lunch

    ~12:30 Leave for City Hall

    1:00 City Hall

    1:30 DA's Office

    2:30 Attorney General

    3:30 Police Headquarters

    4:30 Back to the DA's office

    5:00 Final meet at City Hall

    5:30 Find a place for Dinner
    Comments suggestions welcomed..
    March amongst these points.

    FYI: This letter was mailed today. A similar one was sent to the mayor.

    May 5, 2011
    Charles H. Ramsey

    Philadelphia Police Commissioner

    Police Headquarters

    750 Race Street

    Philadelphia, PA 1910

    Dear Commissioner Ramsey:

    I want to inform you that on 5/14/2011 there will be a public demonstration. This march is an exercise of the right to petition government for redress of grievances, specifically against the behavior of a few Philadelphia police officers in regards to their reactions to the legal open carrying of firearms in accordance with Pennsylvania law (Title 18 6108) as well as Philadelphia’s consistent ignoring of Title 18 6120 .

    As you may know certain individuals have been repeatedly harassed by officers in the Philadelphia Police Department for openly carrying their firearms despite the MOPTEC training that was issued. We would like to work with you to ensure that this no longer happens and most certainly that it doesn’t happen during the march.

    Please inform your officers of the march and the legality of open carry even within the city of Philadelphia. Your own police directive (137) indicates that it is legal. Contrary to state law it also informs the officers that they should stop and check for a LTCF. This is not legal unless they have reason to believe a crime is being committed and I advise that you restrain them from doing so. There are cases that have made this very clear; you may want to talk to an attorney about this. Again, stopping an individual that is openly carrying a firearm without RAS of a crime is itself not legal. As we both would prefer to not have any legal issues please restrict your officers from doing as such, specifically during the march.

    Despite your obvious counter opinions of firearms, I’m certain both you and I respect the right for our citizens to demonstrate and respect the rule of law. Let’s work together to make sure this is a peaceful and respectful display by both sides.

    This march will start at City Hall ~1:00pm, the District Attorney’s office ~1:30, the Attorney General’s office ~2:30, Police Headquarters ~ 3:30, return to the District Attorney’s office ~4:30, and City hall ~5:00 to 5:30 and a request for a permit (though not needed) has been sent to the city of Philadelphia.

    Enclosed you will also find a map of the proposed route that will be followed with only minor adjustments to be made as needed if street repairs or other barriers are encountered. Again I do not believe I am required by law to even file for this permit but am doing so to keep you and the city informed in order to prevent any legal issues and as a courtesy. Please let me know if there are any permits or other issues that I should be aware of.

    As we do not want the Philadelphia Police force to react as inappropriately as certain officers have done in the recent past, I will also be contacting the mayor’s office as well as the district attorney’s office to inform them that many participants may be openly carrying firearms in accordance with Pennsylvania State law (Title 18 6108).

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx.


    Ted John Noga

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    The demonstration went well. It's obvious that the PPD are trying to make the change.

    Open carry @ the liberty bell.

    Very good interview with Lt Healy and King department of LTCF.

    More can be found here
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    Philadelphia OC March

    After-action reports filed here (, buried in the Open Carry Brigade part of the forum.

    Also big following on the PAFOA forum here (

    Bottom line? A bunch of Citizens marched in Philadelphia, open carrying loaded handguns, and nobody objected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Statkowski View Post
    After-action reports filed here (, buried in the Open Carry Brigade part of the forum.

    Also big following on the PAFOA forum here (

    Bottom line? A bunch of Citizens marched in Philadelphia, open carrying loaded handguns, and nobody objected.

    Well... there was the one fellow.

    However, Robert asked him if he was a shill; and when Streaker pointed out that his fly was down he became obviously embarrassed and quickly left.

    I wasn't there, just relaying discussion from a PAFOA thread, but catching this on video would have been solid gold!
    While many claim to support the right to keep and bear arms, precious few support the practice.

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    Thumbs up Video compliation of the day

    Tim did a great job with the videos - here is his compilation video

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