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Thread: OC Brueggers in Raleigh

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    OC Brueggers in Raleigh

    This is the one just below Tryon rd on 401.
    Today @ 10am
    Nice place friendly employees and no problem at all.

    Just wanted to let everyone know its OC friendly.
    Preferred weapon is a GBU-10 PavewayII but it's a little heavy for me
    For OC I have a Beretta 90-two Italian 9mm. Mi piace molto
    Beretta pre warnings 92fs stainless steel Italian 9mm
    Beretta 92fs compact USA 9mm
    Beretta Cougar 8000 9mm
    For fun it's an LMT AR-15 w/defender 2000 lower and a slide fire stock

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    No need for a new thread. You can share these types of experiences in both the OC Experience Thread, as well as, website.
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