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Thread: I think you guys will get a kick out of this!

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    Thumbs up I think you guys will get a kick out of this!

    this has nothing to do with OP or Florida, but it's a good "I stuck it to the man" story

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    Um, I don't get it. Maybe a link to this "Shriver" case would be helpful. I think he's full of **** but what do I know?

    Unfortunately, the judge paused before it was my turn. She reviewed some text from her law books, and said she was going to dismiss the case.

    The reason the case was dismissed was because, by the cop's own admission, he was unable to personally and directly establish the link between me, and my corporate (legal fiction) person.

    She used the word identity often, and mentioned the precedent of a case involving someone named 'Shriver.' She told the officer where he could learn the rules that he failed to abide by, and he wrote it down. She specifically said that it was not a technicality, and that there was an important reason why she made this ruling and that he needs to understand it.

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