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Thread: Hello from WA state

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    Hello from WA state

    Hello from Blaine, Washington. Been lurking for 6 or so months and absorbing knowledge and checking out the flow of the boards. Though I currently carry a Kimber Pro-Carry II concealed, I have interest in OC due to the summer coming up and my wife and I traveling to other Northwestern states with our RV. Thanks for the brilliant discussions and I look forward to contributing when and where I can.


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    Nice :)

    Welcome Aboard !!
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    Welcome Norman. I open carry as I travel in our RV also, in washington state. Be sure to read RV park rules upon arrival. Most have a policy "No Firearms Allowed", so I wind up CC. I look forward to any stories of travel on here during OC'ing.
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    Welcome. Whatcom county OC'er here. Working in Birch Bay right now not too far from ya.
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    Glad you made it. How did you hear about us?
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    Welcome to OCDO Marc!
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    Welcome to the board from a fellow Whatcom county carrier!

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    Welcome fellow OCer & RVer. If you been lurking did you see we are having a camp out the weekend of the 20th in Wenatche?

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    Welcome to Washington State and to the Forum... You will find some amazingly intelligent people on the forum so enjoy!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bucks Gun Shop View Post
    Welcome to Washington State and to the Forum... You will find some amazingly intelligent people on the forum so enjoy!!!

    Also inversely, but still enjoy!

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