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Thread: Expandable Batons, Legal or illegal in NC?

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    Expandable Batons, Legal or illegal in NC?

    Ok, I have seen a few post on here that say some carry expandable batons. Is it legal in NC to do so? I have googled and looked at some laws and I have come to the conclusion that they are illegal to carry. But if I'm wrong can you point it out to me.
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    from my understanding of the laws (IANAL) as long as you OC a weapon its fine. It is illegal to carry concealed weapons in NC. A CHP is only for handguns. If you do wish to carry different types of weapons ie. baton, brass knuckles, taser; it must be openly

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    "AOSailor" is correct. Collapsable batons are legal to carry in NC as long as you don't conceal them.

    Also, you can't carry them at all on K-12 property, or on University and college property--at all--not even in your car, technically. Just like ANY knife that is not specifically a maintenence tool or for instructional use is illegal on university and college property...

    Apparently, our legislators in Raleigh WANT to create target-rich environments for thugs and criminals at our institutions of higher learning by COMPLETELY disarming all the law-abiding members of our college communities. The only thing that is legal for self-defense on college property in NC is pepper spray, and even THAT is frowned upon by many administrators. That's why we have stuff like this happening:
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