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Thread: Holperin has a challenger,!

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    Holperin has a challenger,!

    Kim Simac!
    her name might sound familiar because she has organized several TEA party events in Northern WI. Please look for her on Facebook, like her page and do what you can do to support her.

    She is backing true Constitutional-Carry, No (stinking) Permits, No Mandated Training, Etc.

    Scroll down her FB page a little, and pay attention to how I posed the question about the upcoming carry bills, and then read her reply. You may be pleasantly surprised, I know I was! Especially after how I posed the question.
    Her answer was not lip service while skirting the issue. Surprising from a political candidate IMO

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    Kim is a personal friend of mine, so is her husband Butch. She's on the radio every Saturday morning at 10:00am on 950am, Northwoods Patriots Hour (but now she had to give that up during the campaign because of election rules).

    Remember the last sheriff election for Vilas County? It was Frank Tomlonovich (who supports a shall-issue permit bill and is also a FFL holder) against James Maillette (who backed constitutional carry). Frank won, but James Maillette is Kim's son.

    I'll probably do some campaigning for her. She's got 3 votes in my home.
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    I remember meeting her once, she was good people. She has my vote. And my girlfriends as she just asks me who she should vote for anyway. lol
    I am Calico Jack,,,, And I approve this message!
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