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Thread: What? You bought more ammo?

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    What? You bought more ammo?

    I was sent to a couple of stores on errands! Walked by the ammo section and could not resist. My wife (best friend) reads the receipt and said, ( you bought more ammo?) I said (yes dear). It got quiet. And then she said ( Oh! is that for my gun?) I said (yes dear) It got quiet, and then I said SO It is OK if this is YOUR ammo?
    She said, I was hoping you did not pick up on that.
    40 plus years of love. Would not trade this for one moment.
    Gotta laugh.
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    Some of us could only be so lucky. /thumbs up
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    I bought a Ruger SP101 for my wife without her knowing... her initial reaction was pretty poor, after she knew it was for her... it got better. So when in doubt, always say its for "her"

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    That's pretty funny stuff. I too purchased a new revolver some time ago and didn't tell wifey. When she saw it I got 'the look'. Then when I presented it to her as her new gun she was all smiles.

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    It's kind of hard to disappoint your wife when you're single... just saying.

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    LOL! Thanks for the chuckle.
    If only I could be so lucky as she... and you.

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    Babes and bullets, you've got it made.
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