This has been posted on the UCC board, and thought we would extend it to OCDC members, that are not on UCC.

Went to the Thistle site today. Unfortunately the site we were at last year had a run-off ditch across the road just before it and I don't think people coming in cars would make it through. There were a couple of sites before it though that looked promising. So, lets plan on Lake Fork Rd. out of Thistle. The first site is .7 miles past the Nat'l Forest boundary (cattle gaurd). It is just as you cross a small bridge. The second option is another 3.4 miles up the road. I found a third spot which is farther up Hwy 6, just past the Sheep Creek/Strawberry Res. turn off. It is up Dairy Fork Rd. (south off of Hwy 6). The site is 3.7 miles from Hwy 6 and the dirt road is open and smooth (as dirt roads go). Smoother, wider and more open than Lake Fork Rd. is.

Need to get a more accurate head count and camping set-ups so we know what to plan for. Let's hear from you die hards out there.

With it being Memorial Day Weekend, any ideas as to how to get out and hold a site early? If we go out a set up a tent the weekend before, do you think someone would come along and screw with it, if no one is around for a few days? The N.F. has a 14 day limit, so setting up the weekend before is legal.

With those that have confirmed I am leaning towards the Thistle site, up Lake Fork Rd., that is .7 miles inside the N.F. boundary. It is a bit more open but should have plenty of room for everyone. Coordinates are N39d57m28.8s W111d27m22.0s. All vehicles will have not problem getting to it.