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Thread: Walgreens Robbery Foiled By Pistol Packing Employee

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    Walgreens Robbery Foiled By Pistol Packing Employee

    An attempted robbery failed very early Sunday morning at the Walgreens at Napier and M-139 because one of the employees was armed and fought back. Benton Township police say 2 armed men, wearing masks and gloves entered the store and ordered employees to the back of the store at gunpoint. One worker, already in the back, pulled out his handgun and started firing at the robbers. That employee has a valid Michigan concealed carry permit. The robbers fled empty handed and while no employees were injured, we're not sure about the robbers. Area hospitals were alerted, but we have no reports yet of anyone being treated for gunshot wounds. As of this morning police are still looking for 2 six foot tall black males - one in a black ski jacket, the other wearing a gray or white hooded sweatshirt

    Sorry...Thought this was in Indiana...
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    Clearly we need to ban firearms. That would have prevented those robbers from being armed.

    (I'm new to this forum so I'll include a *sarcasm* tag here: *sarcasm*)

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    Lets hope that the employee isn't fired for his noble efforts.

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