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Thread: Defense of life vs property

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    Defense of life vs property

    Always tough to make informed opinions from sketchy media accounts, but I will just point out that in Utah we cannot use deadly force to protect property, only life.



    "Police arrested a man who they say stole a company pickup truck Friday and cited an employee who allegedly tried to stop the robber from getting away by firing a gun at it.


    "As the employees confronted the suspected thief, he hurriedly backed the vehicle out, striking a BMW, said Salt Lake Police Sgt. Shawn Josephson. One of the employees then attempted to stop the vehicle by pulling out a handgun and firing at the tires.


    "Steve Gibson, 38, was arrested for investigation of theft and outstanding warrants. The employee who fired the shots was cited for unlawful discharge of a firearm."

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    Agree that more info is needed, though it doesn't look good for the shooter.
    If the thief tried to hit (or even came close to hitting) people w/ the vehicle, it'd be a good shooting. But then you don't shoot the car, you shoot the driver.
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    Quote Originally Posted by utbagpiper View Post
    I will just point out that in Utah we cannot use deadly force to protect property, only life.

    Absolutely correct my friend.
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