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Thread: New Haven Police Conversation on 5/7

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    New Haven Police Conversation on 5/7

    Hi all, i'm sure some of you have seen me around, i post on threads here and there. Anyhow, i want to tell you about a conversation i had saturday night with a new haven police officer. I believe, not 100% sure, but i believe her name was Joanne, i don't know if i spelled it right. She told me she works for the academy too and teaches there and that she does internal affairs.

    I was at the catwalk in new haven after being out at a club for a friends birthday. Obviously since i was drinking i did NOT have my firearm with me, it was safely at home. The Catwalk is a strip club. I was there with some friends waiting for the whiskey i had to wear off a bit and was just relaxing. I figured it wouldn't do any harm to ask the police officer about open carry and what she knew about it and such. She told me it has to be concealed, I, very politely of course, told her that it does not, i told her that the Board of firearms permits examiners recommends that it be concealed but that there is no actual law on the books that mandates it be concealed. I then proceeded to tell her about the Goldberg case. I then used my iphone(love this thing) to pull up the CCDL website and i showed her the letter that the DPS sent to the state police, or the hartford police, i always forget, i know it was for that rally in hartford. I pointed out to her where it said that police should not "arrest individuals for *merely* openly carring a firearm".

    Well to say the least she was very surprised by this and said she would look into this. She told me that she was always under the impression that it was illegal and that is what she has been teaching at the academy. She thanked me for talking to her about it and showing her where she could get more information on the subject. Granted i was a bit tipsy and such i think the conversation went very well, she was very friendly and open to talking to me about this whole situation unlike alot of cops i meet who basically tell me to "f off" and not to tell them how to do their job.

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    Goes along with what I said a few weeks ago.

    Rich got a smart cop (sorta).

    This one is also an instructor and has no clue.

    Jonathan - tracking all the local issuing authority, DPS and other insanity with permit issues - my blog and growing list of links useful to gun owners (especially in Connecticut).

    Rich B: My favorite argument against OC being legal in CT is "I have never seen someone OC in CT".
    I have never seen a person drink tea from a coke bottle while standing on their head, that doesn't mean it is illegal.

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