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Thread: Modified Bullets

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    Modified Bullets


    Note: This is a news "blog" item, hardly real journalism. However, look at what the assistant district attorney said.

    He shot the dog, who was chasing his truck on the dirt road Encanto Drive on the northern end of Spanish Springs, with a 9mm semiautomatic handgun loaded with bullets modified to cause additional damage to their targets.
    I contacted Deputy District Attorney Kay Lyon ... She said that she considered the modified bullets part of the aggravating circumstances that justified jail time.
    What do you suppose these "modified bullets" are? Factory hollowpoints?

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    Personally anything that stops a dangerous target faster no matter what pain it causes the bad guy I am for 100% People who say you need to use Humane bullets are not using commonsense. If the nastier bullet putts that person or persons down faster and more effectually should be what matters, not does this hurt you too much. The matter of milliseconds that better rounds have at removing a threat is whats will keep you alive. I have no mercy for people looking to do me or my family harm, I could care less if they die in pain. I am sure the person would not have cared if I died in pain if I used more human rounds that failed to do the job.
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    Wait to see the dragons breath, its worth it. product link is in the description.

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