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Thread: Douible update on Gunrunner fiasco; Brady camp whitewash!

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    Douible update on Gunrunner fiasco; Brady camp whitewash!

    Obama on border today; can he explain Holder’s ‘Gunrunner’ discrepancy?

    While President Obama is down on the border today talking about immigration reform, will anyone ask about a serious discrepancy in Attorney General Eric Holder’s testimony before Congress last week, during which he claimed to have not known about the Project Gunrunner controversy until a few weeks ago.

    BREAKING: Brady Campaign whitewashes ‘Gunrunner’ in new ‘report’

    The anti-gun Brady Campaign is out today with a new report about police officer slayings that critics quickly assert contains a virtual whitewash of the Project Gunrunner scandal, calling revelations about the case “unconfirmed and disputed” while using the gun trafficking case to call for further restrictions on semiautomatic firearms and retail gun dealers.

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    Very predictable response from the administration.
    Better to not open your mouth and be thought the fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.

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