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Thread: holster for a Taurus PT845 with a tactical flashlight

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    holster for a Taurus PT845 with a tactical flashlight

    I have been carrying a Taurus PT 845 for the past year. I have a new armed security guard job (plain clothes armed security guard) where I will be working grave. I would like to find a holster that will work for my pistol with a small tactical flashlight mounted. Any suggestions?

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    Try Fobus...
    I have a PT100

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    Been carrying mine for a while also. Havent a light for it yet, but plan to get one. Havent seen any that will accomadate the LAIM underneath. So been thinking about making one myself. Made a Yaqui-style rig yesterday, and it turned out ok.
    So, next Ill look at making a rig for the 845 w/ the light. Will be another week or so before I have enough leather to begin. Most of what I have now is spoken for, for my knife sheaths.
    Ill keep ya posted.
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