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Thread: SAF sues over ban on interstate handgun sales

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    SAF sues over ban on interstate handgun sales

    Late yesterday, the Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation filed a lawsuit in federal district court in Virginia that could have nationwide implications if it is successful because it challenges the ban on interstate handgun sales.

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    The core issue in yesterday’s lawsuit filing regards SAF’s co-plaintiff, Michelle Lane, a resident of the District of Columbia. Three years ago, the Supreme Court affirmed in District of Columbia v. Dick Anthony Heller that the Second Amendment,
    [there are words missing here in the article]
    striking down the District’s handgun ban and making it legal for District residents to own handguns for personal protection in their own homes.

    There is just one fly in that ointment. Currently, there are no licensed gun dealers in the District, and a Virginia statute makes it illegal for District residents to cross the Potomac River and do business.
    Hope that dealer stays out of business for a while... Just to help the rest of us get rights back.
    D'ya think maybe they coordinated with him... nah... maybe?

    This thread might actually more rightly belong in the legal section.

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    Josh Sugarmann of the Violence Policy Center in DC is a Class 1 FFL holder--he could legally perform the transfer.

    Perhaps Ms. Lane should contact HIM...
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