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Thread: Senate Bill 93

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    Senate Bill 93

    The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel has a on line poll on concealed carry, and as of this writing 11,443 have voted. 60% are for Senate Bill 93, 25% with permit, and ONLY 14% are opposed. We are a Grassroots movement that was started with the Constitution, and the second Amendment. These rights; in both the state and federal constitution, are not to be infringed. As you know, we are a voting force that you all will have to deal with in coming elections. We watch as the Senate plays it's games, i.e., keeping this bill off the floor. The time of an uninformed voter has passed with the new age of instant information. Have your fun now, and laugh while you can. VOTE SENATE BILL 93. Friend In Freedom, D.P. Hamm

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    WI v. WA: Concealed carry issue brings out the clichés

    Sometime Thursday, Wisconsin lawmakers will be discussing a pair of bills that would legalize concealed carry and the debate over the two proposals is already steeped in rhetoric from past efforts in other states, including Washington.

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