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Thread: OC with a twist..

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    OC with a twist..

    Had to go to Lowes and Walmart in St Charles tonight, OC as usual..

    Went to Lowes first, I was probably not there for more than two minutes and I met a customer of mine that is also a St Charles County Sherriff's Deputy...

    I know that he saw my firearm, as we have spoke about OC many times, but he seemed to think that he had to follow me around the store anyway. Mind you, he was not in uniform and he mentioned nothing about my weapon, but I just thougtht it was so cool that ( and I could be wrong ) that he stayed with me the whole time while I was at Lowes. He even asked me to meet him a bar later, and I might just do that.

    Went to walmart, did my thing and nothing.

    Anyway, just thought I would share, I do have audio, and once i listen to it, if it is worth while I will put it here.

    Love St Charles!!!

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