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Thread: Poor guy

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    Poor guy

    driving downtown toward minneapolis today i notice a guy on a streetbike open carrying next to me.looked like a sigma in a serpa. then i notice he has no mag in it. so i beep the horn and motion to him that his mag is absent...i hold mine out the window and shake it and say "u dont have one its gone". he reaches down and feels his gun and sticks his finger in mag well, followed by asking me if that is his mag im waving at him, i tell him no and he starts smacking his helmet erratically and then says thanks...the dude never turned around to go retrieve it !!! that would suck, just thought ide share with ya.

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    I guess that's why the guy next to me today had a revolver. I was staring at his gun because he had mother of pearl grips on it. The girl on the back of his bike probably thought I'd never seen a gun before. I just smiled at her and she smiled right back.

    I considered showing them mine but that could have ended badly.

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    Another reason to carry one in the pipe.

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