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Thread: Yeah Baby,,, New Toys!!

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    Yeah Baby,,, New Toys!!

    just traded my extra draco for a
    yugo M-57 and a CZ-52, both in newish condition!
    2 mags, holster and cleaning rod with the m-57, been buffing the holster with mink oil, looks much better now.
    3 mags with the CZ-52,,, did you know i was born in 1952?
    im going to trim the bottom of the followers so they will hold 9 rds.
    ive wanted to have the CZ since i read that michigander shot himself with his!
    not that im thinking thats funny, i was just very curious of the mechanics that allowed it to happen....
    although the way it did happen was kind of funny,,, long story...

    also got a shlt load of 7.62x25 ammo mostly bulgarian, id consider parting with some,
    if you Really want some, i would consider an insane offer to part with some.

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    Neat. Been keeping an eye out for one of the CZs, saw one a few months back, passed on it,thinking Id go back for it later,but someone else got it..
    Wish I could locate some mags for my VZ 50. Used to be everywhere,but now hard to locate.

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    i'm on the scrounge for an extra mag. for my CZ52, belovedly named The Imperial Disruptor.

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    Holy looks like a 1911 and the other a ppk!!! Cool man

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    Congrats Defender, very nice set there.
    7.62x25 is a good strong round too. I would have enjoyed seeing more done with that round.

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