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Thread: Coby DVR

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    Coby DVR

    Anyone familiar with this product?
    It has all the features I need and the price is good, just wondering how well it actually works.

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    I am familar with Coby. I would avoid it on the name alone.

    Namely, I would worry about microphone quality number one, and number two.. I'd be willing to bet it locks up for no apparent reason.

    I have an application on my HD2 I use for recording, even gets audio pretty well from inside a coat pocket.

    At any rate, I would look at products that are at the very least $50 price range. Its hard to judge mic quality just by looking at specs on a box, but you should get something decent in the $50 to $100 segment.

    I am sure guys around here that have stand alone recorders have suggestions beyond that.

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    As someone who has been involved in consumer electronics for over 20 years (as both a consumer and a seller) I can tell you that Coby is some of the crappiest stuff on the market. It is unreliable, prone to failure, and has a VERY short life-cycle. However, at the price point they are selling Coby products, they are sort of meant to be viewed as "disposable electronics", so when they do fail (usually within a few months) replacing them is cheap...

    But I wouldn't bet my freedom on a Coby product. Get a "brand name" unit like Sony or Olympus. Heck, even the RCA digital voice recorders at WalMart have proven themselves as reliable with members here on OCDO--and they are the same price as the Coby you linked to...

    In other words, avoid Coby--go with a "brand name"...
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