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Thread: David Williams on OCDC

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    David Williams on OCDC

    I just saw an ad for David Williams here on OCDC. I have never thought of David Williams as a friend to the gun community. He has blocked many gun friendly bills that had passed the house from ever getting a hearing in the Senate. Then he claims to have not voted against them. Steve Beshear on the other hand has talked the good talk on guns and not done us any harm, but not done us much good. In the mean time he has contributed greatly to the terrible fiscal mess that has nearly bankrupt the state. So, the dilemma, rascal A or rascal B. Phil Moffet and his running mate Mike Harmon, on the other hand, are very pro gun and have some great ideas on how to solve our fiscal mess, but are polling in the 20% range. It seems like the Rep. candidates take us for granted, and assume we'll vote for them in any case. The Dems, here in Ky., seem to be more conservative and more pro gun, at least for now. I think this reflects the very conservative nature of a very Democratic state. When I was younger the most conservative block of voters were southern Democrates. We used to be called Dixiecrates. As the democrat party moved away from us and became more radically liberal many southern democrats became Republicans. Ky didn't follow that trend to a great degree. The last thing I want is Jerry Abramson anywhere near the governor's chair. So, no vote for Beshear.

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    Williams blew $1.3 million on the primary, just like he is very good at spending Other People's Money as Kentucky's Senate President where he was the only consistent problem in the last ten years of exponentially rising deficits and debt. He wasn't discriminant with that money. The page content is analyzed and if it aligns with traditional Republican themes, an ad is automatically placed. Apparently, his marketing guy also authorized ads to run on any site that carries Kentucky politics. I've seen his banner ads on cn|2 Politics, usually adjacent to my anti-Williams comments! He even had a banner ad on a liberal blog.

    This has been the weirdest race. Nobody paid any attention until the last week despite all our best efforts to interest people in Phil Moffett, but then suddenly voters are waking up, and they're not waking up in a Williams mood! The two polls showed Williams with a good lead, although narrowing significantly on the second poll. These were essentially name recognition polls before the voters cared about this off-year election. As the electorate became even a little educated, public opinion has broken sharply in favor of Phil Moffett. I think Phil is going to win this!


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    Wish I could vote in the primary today, but I didn't register soon enough. If you guys can get Phil on the ticket he'll have my vote come November.

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