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Thread: A&G Custom Gun Leather Belts.

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    A&G Custom Gun Leather Belts.

    It was time to retire a cpl of gun belts I have had for years and decided to give A&G Custom Gun Leather a try so I ordered a 38" dark brown bull leather belt with square brass buckle.

    The belt shipped and I waited anxiously for the belt to arrive. After a week I sent an email to Al from A&G and received a quick response. Al told me he had heard from a few folks the post was running slow and to give it another day. It was Friday so I gave it to Monday. Still no belt, Al sent me the label info for the package and I checked the USPS site and it said it had been delivered. I live in a lg apt complex with larger boxes for parcels that lock and they put the key in your normal box. Apparently the postman put the key in the wrong box and someone is now wearing my belt.

    Al emailed me and said he would send out a new belt to me the next day for free, just pay shipping. I could not agree to that as it was not his fault. I told him I wanted to at least split the cost since the fault was squarely on USPS and not his to bear. Al agreed but pulled a fast one on me. I received the belt(s) today. Al had slipped a second belt in the box at no charge.

    Firstly, you can not find customer service like that anymore. Al is a true gentleman and a honorable man. The belt is simply amazing. The quality of the craftsmanship, materials and attention to detail is second to none. The belt will not sag even under very heavy load. It is simply a dream to wear. I am positive it will only get better as it breaks in.

    Al, I hope you outlive me as I will always need a new belt and I am now officially spoiled. In 35 years of carry this is the best belt I have seen or used. Your products are on par with The Belt Man and a little easier on the wallet.

    I cannot recommend A&G Custom Gun Leather enough. Amazing product, amazing customer service.

    I would wish you best of luck with the business Al, but I do not need to. You will succeed just on quality and customer service alone.

    Kindest regards

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    That is great to hear-customer service of that sort is indeed almost unheard of anymore.
    Looking over their site, it looks like a fine product indeed. I like the touch of the replaceable buckles too.
    Will keep them in mind.

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    I visited Al at his shop a couple months ago. I bought two belts on the spot! Great product and fine fella!


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