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Thread: Toys R Us posted a No Firearms Sign (Racine, WI)

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    Toys R Us posted a No Firearms Sign (Racine, WI)

    So I went to Toys R Us the other day to pickup a present for my nephew, I've shopped there several times before, no signage on the door, no issues with management or employees all of the other times I have open carried in the store. However, this time there was a sign stating no firearms.

    I went back to my vehicle, disarmed and I went in to talk to the manager, she said that they posted the sign about a month ago. I informed her that I wouldn't be patronizing the store as long as they sign remained and felt they deserved to know why that was. She asked if I was carrying (she didn't see any firearm and didn't notice my empty holster), I told her that I left it in my vehicle so I could come and talk to her. She stated that the store is full of women and children and they didn't want anymore getting scared. I told her with that sign the sign meant that only criminals would be carrying firearms in the store, and that none of their competitors were limiting my right to protect myself. I could tell the conversation was going nowhere, so I left and plan to take it up with corporate.

    So today sent an email off to them letting them know how I felt... for anyone else that is interested in doing the same please see the contact information below.

    Customer Relations:
    1 (800) 869-7787

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    I was under the impression that no firearms was the corporate policy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mugenlude
    She stated that the store is full of women and children and they didn't want any more getting scared.
    What a sexist thing to say!
    I carry into/out of the gym every day, including in the locker room.
    I'm positive women there see my holstered pistol, but nobody has ever said one word to me about it, or run away screaming, or anything in between.

    She wants to deny me the ability to protect myself against the criminals who will ignore their signs just because maybe a few hypothetical customers might be worried?
    How is she going to keep out the criminals, of whom I am rightfully scared? They'll harm or kill people for fun or $5.

    And OBTW, most people don't notice.
    Those who do aren't scared.
    I have videos of various shopping trips in stores around Milwaukee, including a bank, and not one person is the least bit worried. Most don't notice, some smile at me.

    TRU corporate is notoriously anti-gun (or at least, anti-real-legal-gun), so you'll probably get a canned response. Might mention how much you've spent elsewhere.
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    Just because it's supposedly their corporate policy now doesn't mean that a lot of people's opinions can't change that... look at what we just did with PetSmart. Policies can be changed, let them know how you feel.

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    E-mails sent, thanks for the heads up.
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    Here's my email to them

    Dear Toys R Us,

    I'm writing this to inquire about what is your corporate policy regarding the legal carrying of firearms in your stores. The reason for inquiring is because recently a store in Wisconsin posted a "No Firearms" sign which made me wonder if this was posted in line with corporate policy or simply the actions of a rogue/uninformed store. If the policy is that firearms aren't to be allowed then I ask that corporate simply change their policy to following state and federal laws rather than trying to deny my rights; especially given that a true criminal wouldn't listen to any sign and it only disarms law abiding citizens. Additionally if this is the corporate policy then I will no longer shop at Toys R Us or any of it's affiliated stores (such as Babies R Us). As my wife gave birth to twins less than two months ago we are in the situation to potentially spend a decent amount of our money (though nothing compared to your overall profits) at your stores. On top of this I will be sure to inform my friends that they shouldn't shop at your stores as you wish to oppress people's rights rather than simply following state and federal law.

    If corporate policy is to instead follow state and federal laws rather than outright ban lawfully carried firearms, then I will continue to shop at your stores and I will pass on the corporate policy to those that are concerned/interested in this matter on the various forums I visit and people I meet with. Additionally if I could get a copy of the corporate policy regarding this issue that would be greatly appreciated.

    <my name>

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    it's for the (women and) children! heard that one before, still dont buy it.

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    Here is the reply I received from Toys R Us....

    Dear Mr. XXXXX,

    Thank you for contacting our corporate office regarding your views and opinions of our Firearm Policy. We value your opinion and appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedule to let us hear from you.

    We continue to respect your right as a citizen to carry firearms in public areas under certain state laws, however, our company policy does prohibit customers from doing so in any of our stores. While it is never our intent to inconvenience or dissatisfy any of our guests, we understand that this policy may oppose the views of some. Our decision to implement this policy was done with careful and deliberate evaluation of our customer's needs and safety. It is unfortunate that you disagree with our decision, however, we appreciate your respect of our company policy. Please be assured that your comments have been formally documented.

    Thank you once again, Mr. XXXX, for contacting Toys "R" Us and allowing us the opportunity to learn of your personal opinion.

    Ashley Clarey
    Corporate Guest Relations

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    a suggested tactic

    i just visited the toys-r-us in Winchester Virginia. as a practice i expressly look for 'no firearms' signs wherever i go even when I'm not carrying. up until now I've never noticed a sign on this particular store. today i did. i did not inquire at the store since i know employees are generally ill equipped to deal with these types of questions and the net result is a shift in perception that is present at every future visit.

    as i was pondering a contact with the corporate offices i had a thought. the store sells toy guns. lots of them. so i have a proposition for those willing to take the time to write to the toys-r-us corporate office. rather than stating that you will no longer patronize the store how about bringing up the apparent moral contradiction of denying patrons the constitutional right to self defense while simultaneously selling toy guns which encourages awareness of these tools?

    how can any merchant state in good conscience that promoting the sale of weapons (even toys) to impressionable minds is in line with the same corporate philosophy which would then deny those same kids from protecting themselves when they grow up?

    personally i see a stark contradiction here.

    i for one intend to raise this point with corporate. and i look forward to their attempt to 'best interest' their way out of this one.

    i also intend to tell them that i will point this moral weakness out to the many parents i know suggesting that they first make their voices heard and then look elsewhere for toys for their kids...


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    What's the big deal? Shootings never happen at Toy's R Us! It's a family place, for crying out loud!!!

    Oh, wait......

    Guess it does happen.
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    Maybe they need to be informed of the liability issue after Nov 1st.
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