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Thread: Contact your Legislators Again (follow up after public hearing)

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    Contact your Legislators Again (follow up after public hearing)

    I know that everyone contacted their legislators when the two concealed carry bills were introduced... you did contact them right... anyways, the turnout for Constitutional Carry (Right-to-Carry) was overwhelming, you need to contact your representatives and remind them of that fact.

    Ask them to vote with the people of Wisconsin, the people at these meetings spoke up loud and clear, we want Constitutional Carry (Right-to-Carry)!!!!!!!

    Here is a copy of the letter I sent to one of my legislators, us it as you please...

    Hello Senator Wanggaard-

    I've emailed you in the past asking that you support Constitutional Carry (Right-to-Carry), you even placed a call to me regarding the issue to explain your thoughts, which I greatly appreciated. However, I'm emailing you again asking that you change your position regarding the training requirement for concealed carry in Wisconsin.

    Last week there was a public hearing in Wausau regarding the Constitutional Carry Bill and Shall Issue Bill. There was OVERWHELMING support for the Constitutional Carry / Right-to-Carry bill at that hearing.

    And while the public hearing in Madison was about the Shall-Issue concealed carry bill, and didn't directly address Constitutional Carry / Right-to-Carry, many people spoke out about how they did not want to see training or permitting in the Shall-Issue bill. What they were asking for was Constitutional Carry / Right-to-Carry legislation. I wasn't at this meeting, however, I watch the recorded video on Wisconsin Eye and the number of people asking for Constitutional Carry and/or no training requirement greatly outnumbered the people talking of providing training.

    I ask that you vote with the people of Wisconsin and not with what you might believe should be done. You represent the people, and the people of Wisconsin are asking for Constitutional Carry / Right-to-Carry.

    Thanks for your time,
    Sign Your Name & Address
    Lets keep the pressure on them!!!!!

    Carry on.

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    I recieved a letter in the mail from Senator Dan Kapanke today and he is in full support of constitutional carry. He is now a co-sponsor of SB-93. Good news.
    "To sin by silence, when we should protest makes cowards out of men."
    Ella Wheeler Cox

    We must contact our lawmakers today, tomorrow and the next day to remind them of Constitutional Carry.
    Laws are not written because of the actions of many, they are wrtiten because of the inactions of many.

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