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Thread: who needs a gun in Newport News

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    who needs a gun in Newport News

    Just one more reason to be armed at home.
    If Obama is the answer; how stupid was the question?

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    I saw this today... I was sickened... but your right... just another news story that proves why we should be armed. Everybody always says "It will never happen to me" until it does.

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    I have been armed all day long, only took it off to take a shower. Yes shoulder holster.
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    How come a DUI you can get your driver licence back, which it is a privilege. But if commiting a felon, even something non violent like stealing, you are denied your constitutional rights for the rest of your life?
    If you don't support the Second Amendment to the Constitution, what other parts of the Constitution do you reject?
    More restrictions on guns? how about restrictions on chainsaws and knives?

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    Rest of the story

    Looks like the "victim" wasn' t just a simple citizen thrust upon by armed bandits, rather it was his lifestyle that made him a target for the criminal element. Had he have been armed, he might have survived, until NNPD arrived and discovered his line of "bidness", especially with his $250k bank in a toolbox.

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