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Thread: Hi from your southern neighbor!

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    Hi from your southern neighbor!

    I've been around in the Florida forum since I heard about our now-failed sb234 this year, and now that that hope is dead, I've been thinking of taking a road trip to your free state, and perhaps NC if I get that far. I've got a FL CWFL, which GA honors, so I'd like to hear some OC experiences from up there, and/or info I may have overlooked on laws.
    (Reading stuff at and
    Thanks for your time and comments.
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    I have Experiences with Certain Law Enforcement Agencies throughout Georgia.

    Needless to say..., some Learn Faster than others do.

    Georgia Law Allows Open Carry, unlike Florida, and therefore, is Legal, so as long as You have a Valid License in which Georgia Shares in Reciprocity with.

    Georgia Law Reconizes True Reciprocity, and Florida has This Agreement with Georgia.

    The Applicable Law is Georgia Code 16-11-126(e).

    However, Georgias' Law are somewhat Indifferent than Floridas', in some Respects, so Please Ask if You have any Specific Questions in Regards to Firearm-related Matters.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ~*'Phoenix'*~ View Post
    so I'd like to hear some OC experiences from up there
    I OC everywhere I go (except work) and have had no issues in the year or so I have been carrying in GA.

    Here is a Georgia specific forum with much more stories...

    LEO encounters

    Most non-LEO encounters/experiences are here.
    and here

    Discussions of off limits locations

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