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Thread: Walked into Walgreens

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    Walked into Walgreens

    I walked into Walgreens last night about 10:45pm, 2 employees(both female) are arguing with another customer(male) and I hear him threaten bodily harm to both of them. I stand where all 3 of them can see me, I was OC with my strong side facing them waiting to check out. The customer looks over at me and stops in mid sentence and leaves the store, I see him get in his car and drive away. I made my purchase and left.
    Maybe OC stopped this guy from following through on his threats??????
    Just thought I would share.
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    I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that it actually stopped a crime. While arguments can escilate to the level of someone committing a crime, I wouldn't just assume this was one of those (kinda that innocent till proven guilty thing). However, it sounds like you were definately involved in the argument stopping suddenly and making the two employees' day much easier. Good job.

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    Maybe just the presence of another person?
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