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Thread: Tea party national rally is going to be held in KC this year.

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    Tea party national rally is going to be held in KC this year.

    The tea party movement will be holding its rally in KCK this year. I'm told it will be held at the Woodlands race track, Kansas City Kansas. I thought that track closed in 2008, but I'm assuming they rented out the land and it is no longer a functioning track. Anyway, what is the word on who will be attending and OC regulations in that portion of Kansas. I know most of Kansas is no-go for OC, but I don't know about KCK specifically.

    If we can get a group to go, it would be a great place to promote OC.(despite political perspective on the party)
    I'll be getting my Ron Paul Revolution on.

    (repost from the MO side)
    Tiocfaidh Ar La

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    Yes, I agree about organizing there...I contacted the organizers and I will let you know what I hear...

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    KCK is not OC friendly

    Despite the pre-emption bill, and the AG's opinion that unloaded OC is legal in Kansas, the city of KCKS / Unified Government of Wyandotte County is very much anti gun. Odds are you will be stopped repeatedly, probably arrested, and getting your weapon back will require a lawyer. Don't even think about your ammo, PD policy is never to return ammo. I work for them and have pointed out many times that this isn't legal, but until they lose a lawsuit or two, no one cares.

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