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Thread: Complete preemption?

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    Complete preemption?

    Question: Does Alaska have complete and total preemption or may a city, or municipality pass laws restricting carry?

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    Q: Does Alaska have a Complete State-wide Firearms Preemption?

    A: Viewable here:*/doc/{t12766}/pageitems={body}

    The Four Exceptions to State Preemption are: 1. Municipal Laws have to Conform Exactly to State Law, with The same Penalty, 2. Municipalities may Limit of Restrict Unsafe Firearm Discharge within Their Limits, less Self-Defense, 3. Municipalities may Limit Firearm Stores Locations to a Specific Zone, but such Zoning Laws can not be Arbitrary, AND 4. A Municipality may Limit or Restrict The Possession of Firearms within The Restricted Access Area of a Municipal Building, to Exclude The Common Areas of Ingress or Egress in which The Public is Normally Invited.

    *** Alaska does NOT have Counties, it has Bouroughs, and Bouroughs have VERY Limited Authority, much LESS than what does a Municipality, and therefore; Limiting Bourough Authority in This Area seems to be a Moot Point in Light of Their Limtied Authority.***

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