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Thread: Still Wonderful Experiences

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    Still Wonderful Experiences

    I have been visiting Las Vegas for a number of years, and every time I come here,I have a great time. Today's OC was pretty much everywhere I could, and I encountered absolutely no issues. I found myself at The Gun Store on Tropicana, and talked with Mike, who is a fellow Marine and staff member there. He was knowledgeable and polite. I had every question answered, and walked out with new and good information. All in all, yet another good group of experiences to share. Semper Fi.
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    Glad you had a good experience again. Sorry if I chuckle at this, but I find it hard to believe you got any good, useful or true info from anyone at the gunstore. Many have had bad issues with false info and terrible service. Maybe they are making a turn around.

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    Yep the gun store will never get any of my business again. Do a search may be 10 months or more back you will see some negative postings on the gun store. The owner was not a friend to open carry and their conceal carry trainers were know to give out inaccurate information regarding open carry.

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