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    Hiking and Stuff


    I will be visiting my family in the Odgen area over Memorial Day Weekend. We will be doing some horseback riding and trail hiking. In Colorado I usually carry my SP101 in an El Paso Saddlery Tanker Holster in the backcountry. Here in Colorado you can carry pretty much anywhere with a full cylinder, including Rocky Mountain National Park.

    My recollection is that in Utah, without a carry permit, I must carry with two chambers empty (the chamber in line with the barrel and the next chamber). Does this sound right? It's also my understaind that I can carry the same revolver in my Jeep fully loaded while in Utah. Am I correct?

    Looking foward to seeing home again. I grew up in Ogden.


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    Ok, I found some information in another thread that indicates I can openly carry a fully loaded revolver on the national forest, or in my Jeep. Unless anyone has a different opinion, I'm going with that.

    Here is the information from the other thread (JoeSparky quote):

    A couple of points here:


    Here is the law that RESTRICTS the carry of LOADED weapons----

    76-10-505. Carrying loaded firearm in vehicle or on street.
    (1) Unless otherwise authorized by law, a person may not carry a loaded firearm:
    (a) in or on a vehicle, unless:
    (i) the vehicle is in the person's lawful possession; or
    (ii) the person is carrying the loaded firearm in a vehicle with the consent of the person lawfully in possession of the vehicle;
    (b) on a public street; or
    (c) in a posted prohibited area.
    (2) Subsection (1)(a) does not apply to a minor under 18 years of age, since a minor under 18 years of age may not carry a loaded firearm in or on a vehicle.
    (3) Notwithstanding Subsection (1)(a)(i) and (ii), a person may not possess a loaded rifle, shotgun, or muzzle-loading rifle in a vehicle.
    (4) A violation of this section is a class B misdemeanor.

    Pay particular attention to (1)(b).... ON A PUBLIC STREET.

    Also look closely at (1)(a)... it prohibits the carry of a loaded weapon in a vehicle UNLESS (1) you are authorized to possess the vehicle or (2) have the permission of the one authorized to possess the vehicle and (3) are 18 years or older.

    Thanks to JoeSparky for the information.

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    What I have seen "public street" has been interpreted VERY liberally. Before you carry loaded on foot make sure you get further guidance.

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