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Thread: I OCed but everyone else was CC

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    I OCed but everyone else was CC

    weirdest thing, just happened to be in Munger MI and what do ya know there were a 100 some odd people all CC, I also found it odd that i brought 220 rds of ammo with me. . . hmmm. . . oh ya! The Great Lakes Regional IDPA competition was going on. My first competition ever, had a blast. did better than i thought i would for the most part and not so good on things that i never experienced. I had a great time and feel i learned alot. Deffinatly more confident carrying on a daily baisis doing this competition. I can't wait to do this again.

    Tired, Sun burned, and OCed everywhere since i left. hope to see you all soon, nice OC weather


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    Sounds like fun when do they have these matches?
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