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Thread: Gov. Perry waffling on open carry?

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    Gov. Perry waffling on open carry?

    We've heard repeatedly that Rick Perry will sign open carry legislation if it makes it to his desk. Perhaps he will, but he sure isn't an advocate.

    On Tom Gresham's Guntalk yesterday (5/22/2011), he told his coyote story, and talked about what he hopes to see from the legislature. Tom then asked him when Texas would legalize open carry, and he reacted like someone had just handed him a ****. "Uh, well, ummm, I'm just really a big concealed carry guy. I don't want the bad guys knowing I'm armed."

    It's a good segment. Tom even makes the point that he thinks felons should get all their rights back (including gun rights) after they've done their time. I agree, but I didn't expect a national radio host to take that position without even being asked.

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    I'm glad to hear that sentiment may be spreading. I completely agree that once an individual serves their time and is released they should be given all rights back. I mean, when it boils right down to it. The same logic used against all out gun bans applies to this debate as well.

    Only the law abiding are forbidden from owning firearms. It wont stop the criminals, so there is no point.

    P.S. sounds like Perry was just playing to the NRA/TSRA guys while trying not to upset the OC guys.
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    perry will 'cop' out just like jan brewer did. he'll get an earful from police chiefs across the state and then say the bill was badly written.

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    He's a politician, wait until "ELECTION TIME" and then it will be a different story!

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    Concealment didnt "deter" this from happening. Nor did it prevent that felon form carrying concealed in that car!

    Now how in the world did this happen with all these concealed carry laws? Could this mean criminals dont abide by the CHL laws?

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