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Thread: SB-93 Update This Morning

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    SB-93 Update This Morning

    I got an update from the legislature this morning about SB-93. I noticed that it has been ammended to remove the use of "Electronic Weapons". So witht his revision we have the ability to kill a significantly more deadly form of self defense, but we are still not allowed to use Less Lethal means of self defense. This is Obnoxious as it takes self defense away from people who are not comfortable with carrying a firearm.

    I personally will be calling my legislature to push them to correct this ammendment so that other law abiding citizens can defend themselves and their families without being forced into having to carry a firearm. Self defense is self defense. Not everyone is comfortable with a firearm, please join me in getting this ammendment removed and have the bill presented as it was originally written.
    I am Calico Jack,,,, And I approve this message!
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    Aww hell, I didn't even notice that when I read through it last night. Time to fire up the ol' eMail.

    Good catch

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    Which Revision or Amendment

    does this? LRB number and/or sponsor(s) would be helpful.

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