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Thread: Thoughts on Ruger mini-30?

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    Thoughts on Ruger mini-30?

    Who's had one, what do you think of it, what's a good price for one, any problems?
    Thanks for info, just looking around and liked them more than any other common assault rifle.
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    I have a nephew, who is SF, weapons expert, range master etc... and I always run questions like this by him. I actually asked about the very piece and he said they aren't really known for there accuracy. Still a nice piece...and I am very partical to Ruger Hawkeyes/MarkII's for their hunting rifles.

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    7.62x39mm- about as hard to go wrong with it as a .45 acp in pistols.
    In some, older AK's no, you wont be shooting olympic match-grade accuracy, Ruger and newer AK-types, somewhat better. But for what it is ,and what it's designed to do- put the BG down with authority, it should do just fine.
    Considering one myself-but havent seen any locally for under $600-700.

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    Or an AK. I bought two saigas for the price of 1 mini30

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    i have two. actually a 14 and a 30. 30 is wood stock, brushed steel guard. alright gun, recoil is great, accurate, fast shooter and the 7.62 round is powerful enough to crack cement in half.

    good price is $395-$750 and if you get over $750 bad deal

    if you wanna spend $1,000+ get the SOCOM ;-) same gun, better quality.

    one good thing about the mini 30.......never fails, heat , dirt, water, snow, ice........goes strong no issues .
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    I bought one back in 1994 about 10 days after having purchased a Mini-14. Both were wood furniture with stainless steel parts... iron sights and no scopes. I sold the Mini-14 after I bought an Armalite AR15 carbine.

    My Mini-30 is one of only three rifles I have ever owned that did not need any sight adjustments right out of the box, new. I have shot clay pigeons on a dirt berm at 105 yards from a rest with this rifle. I will not sell my Mini-30.

    Oh, I paid $379 for the Mini-14 and $399 for the Mini-30, both brand new.
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