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Thread: Odd idea and a question

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    Odd idea and a question

    I'm sure someone has asked something like this somewhere on Earth before, but I can't find it.

    How does the law (WA, federal) handle high power airguns? Some years back, I was playing with an old paintball gun (adding parts, messing with pressure levels, etc), and managed to penetrate a 2x4 with a ball bearing (clean through, albeit with lots of splinters). A .68 caliber revolver would be freaking huge, and monstrously heavy, but there's no reason you couldn't make one throw heavy roundshot or buckshot.

    How does something like that mesh with state and federal laws though? It's not a firearm, though it's clearly a dangerous weapon.

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    There is truth to your statement that Air Rifles are Dangerous Weapons.

    For those that think that of merely that Daily "Red Ryder" BB Gun, or the pump type air gun that you use to run off the neighbors cat, think again. They make some serious Air Rifles now. Up to .50 Caliber models that throw a slug well over 200 grains. Speeds are slow and are more in the "slow" .45acp range but definitely lethal. Hunters use them to take down hogs in the 50-75 yard range. Smaller calibers are seeing speeds in the 1400fps range.

    So far in WA, they are only regulated by local government. Funny thing is that Air Guns in Wa State fall under the Child Safety statute in RCW's. Most ordinances make it illegal to use an air rifle anywhere but on the owner's property.

    Sale or possession of air guns are usually unregulated in most U.S. States. A few U.S. states and municipalities restrict or prohibit air gun sales or possession in some manner, including: San Francisco, New York, New York; Camden and Newark in New Jersey; Johnson City, Tennessee; Chicago and Morton Grove in Illinois, and the states of New Jersey, Illinois; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and State of Michigan. Additionally, ordinances in many cities prohibit the discharge of air guns outdoors outside of an approved range.
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    They are unlawful to fire anywhere but an approved area in Everett.
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    not allowed to fire air guns in the city limits of Tacoma either.

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