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Thread: MKE Mayor Barrett weighs in on concealed carry

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    MKE Mayor Barrett weighs in on concealed carry

    MAIG member Barrett is against civil rights [comments enabled for this story... hit 'em hard!]

    Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett called Thursday for absolute sobriety as a condition for carrying a concealed weapon.

    Barrett says he remains opposed to legalizing concealed carry in Wisconsin... some form of the legislation is certain to become law... opponents must turn their efforts to revising the bill to make it more workable.

    ...require permits and training...
    impose felony penalties for illegally carrying guns or buying guns for people who aren't legally allowed to own them...
    He also wants local officials to have discretion over issuing concealed-carry permits.

    Standing outside a Little League Baseball game... Barrett said the players and their fans would be endangered if people could legally carry weapons into the park with no permits, no training and no limits on how drunk they could be.
    Gee, Mr Mayor, we can already carry with no permits or training, & there are already legal limits on "how drunk we can be". (Though they're kinda nebulous, compared to the DUI statutes: cannot be "materially impaired".) I don't think he knows much about the issue, just parrots the MAIG/Brady Bunch tripe.

    I sense it's time for a letter, esp. since he claims the Aldermen are in on this mess (Common Council).
    Oh and BTW, wouldn't giving local officials control over permits violate preemption? I promise you that MKE & Dane Co. wouldn't issue permits as readily as some more rural, sensible, probably Republican counties.

    I do agree with penalties for giving or selling guns to people you know are prohibited persons, but that's going to be hard to prove.
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    Why am I not shocked.
    In God I trust. Everyone else needs to keep your hands where I can see them.

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    Im guessing the beatdown he received wasnt enough to make him think that he needed to carry anything to protect himself...maybe next time he wont be so lucky.

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