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Thread: Outta Here!

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    Outta Here!

    Howdy Folks!
    Looks like I will be testing the waters of Open Carry in other parts of Colorado tomorrow. We will be rising early in the morning to commence a trip to Sapulpa Oklahoma where I am entered in the Indian Territory competitive metal detecting hunt. We did that last year and I came home with a whole pile of silver coins, including 4 Morgan dollars, a mess of Mercury dimes, and plenty of silver Roosevelt dimes. In the mix were some war nickels and some stray silver quarters too. Then again, I also found a respectable number of Walking Liberty silver half dollars too!

    Anyhow, I'll be wearing my Springfield XDm .40 as we drive through Colorado on our way to Oklahoma. We will stay on I-70, and I anticipate we'll hit a rest stop or two before we cross the state line into Kansas. Anybody got any ideas what sort of reception we're likely to encounter in the eastern part of the state? Any info would be appreciated.

    From what I've seen, they don't have open carry in Oklahoma. At least not without a permit. Kansas appears to be a bewildering patchwork of jurisdictions that allow open carry without a license in some locations, allow open carry with a permit in others, and competely ban open carry altogether in some townships. After trying to figure it out, I decided I might just lock up my pistol and forget the whole thing while out of town.

    Point being, we're outta here and expect to return on Monday or Tuesday.

    Until then, "Happy trails to you, until we meet again!"

    The wife will have her new Walther PK 380 along as well.
    We hope to have a safe trip and bring home an impressive haul from Indian Territory!


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    Have a great trip, and be aware that tribal lands have different rules sometimes!

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    Enjoy! I was glad to read you were talking of a trip and not about leaving OCDO...

    Please let us know how the trip went!
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