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Thread: June 5, 2011 - Open Carry Day - Metro Area

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    June 5, 2011 - Open Carry Day - Metro Area

    Well, May 1, the original "National Open Carry Dinner" came and went. Although the thread was derailed here on OCDO, I got together for dinner with a few close friends somewhat new to OC, and received scattered reports of a handful of others around the country who did the same.

    June 5 is a Sunday, and I've been to a handful of meets here in Colorado Springs, so I've like to get together with some more fellow Coloradans beyond the Springs.

    Perhaps we can meet closer to (but not in, obviously) Denver at a decent, but non-traditional restaurant either around 1pm for lunch, or 6pm for dinner.

    That would be nice.

    Those of us from the Springs might work out a carpool from the FREX parking lot immediately SW of the I-25 and Woodman intersection.

    Someone with some savvy of what's tasty without being very expensive in the lower Denver Metropolitan area please pick a place! Let's vote on whether to hold it at 1pm or 6pm (vote's up), and then make it happen!
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    I'd love to go, and am glad it will be a bit closer to home. I think a 6 PM supper would work best for me, as I will be in church in the morning and my get out time isn't really flexible.

    As far as good eatin', I like Brothers BBQ located on Arapahoe and I-25 (I don't know the city, but Lone Tree/Greenwood Village/Centennial), but cannot comment on their OC/firearms policy. If anyone else has suggestions, it would be good to hear, as I am new to Colorado and am open to learning some good places to eat.

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    I might be able to make something that day. I won't know for sure until later this week.
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    Howdy Amigo!
    You know I'd be there in an Irish instant if I could. Unfortunately, I'm stuck working most Sundays. I haven't checked my schedule for this coming week, but I expect I'll be required to show up on the job thing from around 11am to 7pm!

    That sorta lets me out. I hate when that happens.

    I generally have Saturdays off, but am not sure about this one coming up.

    I'd surely want to be there, but can't this time around.
    Any chance of having it on Saturday?
    Or perhaps later in the month when I can have more time to schedule the day off?


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    Either time works ok for me. The 6pm probally a little better. The closer to metro instead of an hour and a half south works WAY better.

    Chili's sounds good. but I'm pretty equal opportunity as far as yummy food going into my belly.

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    Any word on how this went, folks?
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