We had been down to the outdoor range and were fishing and just being retirees, and on the way back she had taken off her outer shirt since it was hot.

She open carried at the lake - it's a private club. IWB uncle mike's, LC9 and guess it was comfortable.

Well we got to the store and she was still shirtless in the car, wearing a red top tucked in, and I thought 'I wonder if she'll forget, being 'Easily Distracted Girl' and OC in the store'.

Well, as you know hilarity ensued and we had a great time and came home without incident.

I pulled up some pictures and she was all mopy about her gut and having a muffin top with her new tight jeans. I mean this girl is 145lbs, 5'4 and isn't fat - she mostly has poor posture. She wears size 10 pants and back in Dec 2009 was wearing size 18.

It was only then looking at the pics she realized she still had the gun on.

So, curse and blessing 'I'm so fat I didn't even know I was armed'.

Me: Yes, "Armed and Delicious"

I hear tell I'm getting extra oats in my feedbag tonight.