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Thread: My first time... SW Penna...

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    My first time... SW Penna...

    I've been an "inactive" member here, for the most part. I had my own personal "crap" going on in my personal life, and forgot about OCing. Oh, I ocasionally TALKED about it, but, never actually DID it...

    I finally did. I remember years ago when I first got my LTCF for PA, I at first felt "weird" carrying concealed. That feeling quickly went away, and then I actually felt like I left my wallet at home if I didnt take my gun with me when I left the house. (delivery driver at the time, carried large sums of money, responsible for a shop full of young employees at a cash business)

    I am presently getting BACK into the original line of work again, and my new shop owner and myself were going out for coffee after work was out. He looked at me smiling as I didnt put my 45 into the glovebox, and instead put my holster on OUTSIDE of my shirt, as I carry it at work all night. "Your going to test the waters, I see?", he asked. I nervously shrugged. "Why not?"

    Went in to the local Eat N Park. We know about all the night waitresses there. I felt funny, but I got over it. God himself help me, not one person seemed to notice. I might as well have had another cell phone on my belt for all teh notice (none) I received. I guess my cherry was popped, and it felt good.

    That was a couple nights ago, and tonight we did the same again. Place was a little more crowded. Did people notice? After a while, sure, a few did. Any problems? *none*. A couple heavyset tattooed guys came in and were obviously a litle loud and had been drinking. One of them asked "hey? What is that? is that a 9 or a 40?" I just looked over, smiled like they were smiling, and said "Oh, neither. Its a 45..." "Cool!" was all they said (apparently they had a friendly bet going on whether it was a 9 or a 40, lol)

    They turned out to be a trio of gun owners and hunters just like me and my boss/buddy.

    My buddy pointed out after we left that one older lady was tellign the waitress "that guy has a gun!" when I got up to go outside and have a smoke. He said the waitress just shrugged and poured her coffee and left, LMAO

    A lot of the local cops (2 different jurisdictions cover that town) are okay, there are a few "gung ho's" on the "township" force overlaid over the local town cops jurisdiction. But whatever. I dont anticipate any real problems (but you never know)

    on the way home from the coffee tonight, my boss said "huh. Thats twice now... this going to be a regular thing?" I said sure, I'm getting comfortable with it. We realized that while we HEAR about open carry debates, usually at my talking about it, we dont actually SEE anyone practicing opencarry that we can remember. making me prolly one of the first that we have noticed...

    I pointed out "monkey see, monkey do". That THOSE 3 guys next time they are out for coffee if they are NOT drinking, might decide "hey... we know we CAN openly carry? We're not out boozing? Lets do it!", or maybe someone else will notice and start it. Eventually, one or three people will imitate it, then it will become more "normal" for people to "see it" locally around here.

    once my personal finances get back to "normal" for me, I'm going to be looking for a "brunch" with OCers from this sight, heh heh.

    SO? my cherry's popped, so to speak... I seem to be about the only person I ever noticed OCing around here, and I'll feel better once I see a few others doing it occasionally... but, *I'm converted*

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    A very good post, and a fine way to come out of "lurker" status!

    Also sounds much like my experiences so far. I've been OCing for 2 1/2 years, mostly the south-central area of PA. I have lots of encounters, and all have been positive so far.

    I have had a couple that seemed like they could have been negative, they seemed to begin that way, but we rather quickly came to an understanding and the encounter ended positive, and actually even more positive than I had hoped for at the beginning.

    Here's hoping all yours are positive as well!
    While many claim to support the right to keep and bear arms, precious few support the practice.

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    Welcome aboard. OCing is very empowering, great for both ego and morale. No longer do you have to slink around, making sure to hide "it" from everyone.

    I was at the local haberdashery getting fitted for a suit (700 Shop, Indiana, Pa.). OCed on my right hip. Never raised an eyebrow from the salesman.

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    Welcome, and congrats on starting to OC!

    I have a lot of family in the Northern Panhandle of WV and in SW PA, and I always OC when visiting. I have OCed in Washington PA, and all across the PA Turnpike, with no issue at all.

    And yes, I do have a PA LTCF as well as a permit in my home state of NC.

    But I've never had any issues anywhere in PA.
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    I OC in PA 100% of the time.
    Its a wonderful feeling being able to defend myself if the need arises AND express my 2A rights openly.

    when I tell my friends back in Maryland, they almost dont believe that a person can OC in PA (and other states) witout a permit or license.
    "Let your gun be your constant companion during your walks" ~Thomas Jefferson

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