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Thread: Open Carry on the John Muir Trail

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    Open Carry on the John Muir Trail

    Hey Everybody,

    I'm planning on backpacking through the John Muir Trail in July. From my research, it seems though this should not be a problem, since it is now legal to carry in National Parks. The trail also goes through "Wilderness Areas" (national forests?), which should be fine. Has anyone done this before? I think I'd feel a lot more comfortable than just carrying a knife, even if it is "excessive".

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    The fed's are good about posting signs where guns are not allowed.

    For example, at all the national parks I've been to in the last couple years I see very clearly on all buildings that federal employees work in primarily big no gun signs. But the restroom buildings have no sign so you can OC there since no federal employee "works" there.

    Even many of the shopping facilities inside national parks are OK to carry because they are operated by contractors, not federal employees.

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    Hello OP,

    Be carefull when "OCing" in Kalifornia National Parks or going into public buildings; UOC may be a better choice . One poster used the achronym "OC." Many believe that an OCer may be subject to a 12031 (e) check in Kalifornia National Parks, because there is a total prohibition on discharging weapons in a National Park.

    Also, check with local Ranger Districts regarding plinking spots or shooting prohibitions on National Forests. There used to be a gun restriction or shooting prohibition on the Emmigrant Wilderness in the Stanislaus National Forest--I think the restriction was lifted (MudCamper knows).

    Yosemite is one of the few National Parks where the federal government has total criminal jurisdiction. California gave the land back to Congress and Congress made the park a federal reservation. If arrested, you will go to a federal jail and go before a federal judge.

    I just spoke with a Ranger from the Summit Ranger District, Stanislaus National Forest, regarding hunting on the Emmigrant Wildernes (I just hung-up the phone). Hunting is legal as long as you follow Kalifornia Fish and Game laws. With a hunting license, it is legal to OC on the Emmigrant. I did not ask if plinking was legal.

    FYI: The Emmigrant borders Yosemite NP to the north. In Kali, coyotes, jackrabbits, and wild pigs are in season all year. Also, 12027 (G) becomes effective with a hunting or fishing license.

    As with all National Parks, shooting for any reason is illegal; except that the Credit Card act states that National Parks are supposed to follow state law for gun possesion; therefore, loading your weapon and shooting it to save your life should be legal. To avoid a LEO incident, you should only UOC in a Kalifornia National Park.

    Remember, it is better to be judged by 12 than to be processed into bear scat!

    I would not UOC in any federally owned building even if a concessionaire manages the facility. Ask a Park Ranger first; they probably don't know the difference--which proves my point!

    Read these citations: (read starting at 1905 to 1906) (go to fireworks and firearms)

    I would be hiking the Tahoe National Forest right now if it weren't for global warming causing these cold and rainy conditions. I would usually go, rain or shine, snow or sleet, but I am tired of the foul weather gear, the mud, the cold, and the snow. When is spring going to arrive?

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    Everything you need to know is here: Firearms in Forests and Parks

    UOC only in NPs in CA. UOC and LOC in NFs in CA, depending on location.

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