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Thread: Kahr CW40 issues???

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    Kahr CW40 issues???

    just picked up a Kahr CW40 for $410 at cabelas. Took it home. broke it down to clean the grease out. put it all back together. and the slide would not move back more than a half inch.

    tried to take it down. slide stop was raised against the slide, would not push down and pin would not come out. had to pry it down with pliers. finally got it out and broken down.

    the tiny spring that goes around the itty bitty screw on the side of the frame was snapped clean in half. now when i put the pin back in to re-assemble and work the action the pin just falls out and my gun comes apart. had to order the new spring/ screw costing me $20 cause cabelas would not return it.

    anyone have this issue? hadnt even fired it once. great little CCW gun but......this is the first time i've ever seen this
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    The CW line has had significant problems (word of mouth/youtube).

    I have a MK40 and never had any issues with it. The CW line is the "economy" line and it seems Kahr left out quality control to save money. :-(

    I have heard good things about the PM9 but heard some issues with the PM40 (maybe early models) where the extra recoil of the 40s&w caused the polymer rails to warp. I don't know if they resolved that issue or not. I decided to go with the stainless MK40 and like it. Hindsight I would prefer the K40.

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    My retainer spring for slide pin retention has not broken. I did notice that during its break-in period that at times the slide pin would become "loose" and not stay held by the retainer spring.

    In the groove for the retainer pin where the spring engages, I used a small file and made 3 or 4 passes to increase the depth of the groove. I have not had problems with it since. Given that the CW series uses a cast part for the slide pin I would expect some tolerances to not be as tight as with the machined counterpart.

    A broken retainer spring is crappy though, and I would expect Cabela's or Kahr themselves to work with you on its replacement.

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